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Agree that your genuine efforts to keep your clients, employees, business partners happy are always subject to countless accolades but having a pleasant work place is equally essential as it makes up their moods. We at Office Nouveau offer various work space solutions, products and service to offices, restaurants and hospitality venues.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we engage in the supply of our services at local and national levels. We help you create work environments that are practical, winning and inviting to your customers. You can count on our professional approach, attention to detail and personal services.

We specialize in workspace furniture solutions. Considering the objective and planning of your work space, we provide cost-effective solutions to your space management and requirements.

Your customers for sure would love to stay at your workplace for longer as economical space utilization and inviting space communicate positively to your customers. It is firmly believed that pictures speak strongly; we strive to ensure that your customers and clients find it hard to erase an impression of your pleasant premises from their minds.

Behind everything that strengthens your relationship with the clients, there are major factors which matter a lot. Factors like work environment, comfy furniture, air-conditioning systems, comfortable space availability.

Our product rage includes reception counters, sofas for the waiting area, chairs, office tables, storage counters, multi-purpose tables, cloak and hat stands, hanging desk accessories, desk sets, couches, room tables and more. Our services include free consultations on the latest trends and solutions with regards to interior aspects and ergonomic features, space planning, designs and drawings for personalized and custom-made requirements.

Rest assured. We hold thorough market knowledge as we have been the office furniture industry for the past ten years. And such a long period has immensely helped us cultivate expertise in delivering what is needed. We have vast networks of manufacturers, suppliers and importers; each of them has their own rich experience and unfailing expertise.

Kindly let us help you in choosing what you business needs and make well-informed decisions.

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Gideon Nel -

Photographer of the South African landscape and other faces around the world. Various print sizes available, as well as framing options.

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Tay Dall -

Acclaimed Artist, Tay Dall "Is the Mother of Abstract Art in South Africa", says mainstream media. Tay is represented by over 30 galleries in South Africa, England, and Holland, and has participated in dozens of successful group and solo shows throughout the world!

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